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Phase 1 minting is now live !

What is NFTKollabs ?

NFTKollabs is a project started by members of the NFT community with the main goal of giving back to those who directly support our projects. Our founder saw crypto projects which touted that they are giving back, but in reality it depended on what platform you purchased your NFTs from or how much gas you spent in order to receive "airdropped" tokens. We are changing that!

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Our Smart Contract is safe and secure

Our NFT Kollection

The collection consists of 9,999 stunning NFT's made by our talented artists.

Klassik Collection with 0.5 ETH Giveback

Rare Collection with 2 ETH Giveback

Epik Collection with 10 ETH Giveback

Diamond Collection with 50 ETH Giveback

NFT reveals will be done every 500 mints.

Our goal is simple, to give back ETH to the community


NFTKollabs was started by Michael aka TheDeFiPool to honor his mother. People honor lost ones when they are gone, but Michael’s mom is still with us and he wanted to give her flowers while she can still smell them. Strong women have been in my life at a very young age starting with my mother, grandmother, and aunts. I wanted to honor strong women everywhere and this is the reason why our three genesis artists are all women.

By giving ETH back, we are giving our supporters the opportunity to support the NFT artists of their choice, causing a ripple effect within the NFT community. If you reveal a NFTKollabs NFT that is part of the ETH giveback, the purchasing wallet will get the ETH deposit 24 hours after each reveal. This is the “utility” of our project and we are changing lives.

NFTKollabs genesis artists are on the advisory board that will make decisions on future artists for upcoming drops. They were the ones that decided to change our reveals to every 500 mints so that the NFT community and their fans didn’t have to wait until the entire collection sold out before we started to give back ETH to our supporters. Just an example on how NFTKollabs is flipping the narrative. They also decided that on any secondary sales, the commissions will be used for grants to help NFT artists that are in need of supplies/gear/travel expenses to further their NFT journey.

We wanted to make our NFT project fair to the entire NFT community, that’s why we don’t have a whitelist (WL). Our mint price breakdown consists of three phases that rewards early supporters. Phase one will be .133 ETH to mint one NFTKollabs NFT. Phase two will be .166 ETH and phase three will be .199 ETH.

There are a total of 3 diamond NFTs (1 for each artist), 15 epik NFTs (5 for each artist) and 75 rare NFTs (25 for each artist). Holders of the Diamond, Epik and Rare NFT will receive 50 ETH, 10 ETH and 2 ETH respectively per NFT 24 hours after each reveal. In addition to this, there is a total of 300 Klassik NFTs which contain the NFTKollabs corner logos. Only the holders of Klassik NFTs with the corner logos will receive the 0.5 ETH giveback.

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