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Michael has been in the crypto space since June 2017 & the NFT space since March 2021. As an avid NFT collector and crypto enthusiast, Michael has seen multiple crypto and NFT projects. He wanted to create a NFT project that encompassed the entire NFT community. It shouldn't matter what marketplace you mint, purchase, or sell NFTs or how much gas you spent to receive "airdrop" tokens. What better way than to giveback ETH to our supporters and the only form of advertising NFTKollabs is doing is that, "We are going to be purchasing NFTs from NFT artists". The foundation for NFTKollabs is laid upon honoring his mother while she is still here with us. People tend to honor loved ones when they are gone and he wanted to give her flowers while she can still smell them. The "family" concept within the NFTKollabs team is what makes us strong and we help to support each other. NFTKollabs...changing lives.

Steven Perkins
Graphic Designer and 3D Generalist

Steven Perkins is from California, USA with six years of experience in graphic design, marketing, and four years in 3D animation. Steven, or 'PERK' is a completely self-taught artist with no traditional college degree but has worked with companies such as Virgin, Ruthless E-Juice, and more. Steven has been in the NFT space since October of 2020 and first released various artworks under the name 'PERK'. In February 2021, PERK went on to create CryptoCrawlerz as we know it today.

Tampa based photographer and digital artist, Regina Wamba, has been honing her skills in photography, design and digital art since 2006. The path of a bookworm meets artist, Regina’s work is often described as otherworldly, diverse and evocative. Through telling visual untold stories, Regina creates bold work that leaves a path open to the imagination breathing life into the ripple effect of inspiration. Her work has been seen in Times Square, LIFE Magazine, bestselling novels, bookshelves across the world.

Regina Wamba
Photographer and Digital Artist
Glass Crown
Photographer and Digital Artist

Glass Crown was a name born 7 years ago when she picked up a camera and decided to create the worlds that she visualized. Glass Crown found what was normal to be incredibly boring, so she would pull inspiration from film styles, thematic lighting, dramatic music scores and gaming compositions to create a world of intrigue. Her passion for stories is based on cycloning different genres and inviting the mind to think bigger. Glass Crown utilizes photography, 3D and AI in her work. She believes in not being limited and mastering the true potential of ones talent.

Michelle is a fulltime photographer and visual artist who reflects feelings and emotions through her art. Known for her extensive storytelling, she visualizes her life experiences, hardships and learnings in video form using a camera or a 3D program. Michelle has been part of the NFT space since early 2021 and is currently selling her work on SuperRare. Her first 3D artwork has been collected by the founder of NFTKollabs, where a great friendship and now partnership began.

portrait flowers blue
Michelle Von Kalben
Photographer and Digital Artist
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Maryanne Chisholm
Surreal Painter and Illustrator

Maryanne Chisholm is an acclaimed Surreal Painter and Illustrator. Her work has been displayed in Galleries nationally & internationally including Stratosphere in 2022 NYC, http://NFT.LA, http://NFT.NYC, the Herberger Theatre & Art Gallery in Scottsdale & Tempe, AZ, Milan Fashion Week with the #DressME MADS Milano Exhibition, The “Block Museum” based in Ireland, the Metaverse, and at the Freedom of Arts exhibition in Denver, CO.

Maryanne has been featured and profiled by MOCA (The Museum of Crypto Art), Outsider Magazine, and Artist Magazine; She has also been interviewed by PBS and Bloomberg Magazine. She presents a weekly top-rated NFT Twitter Space that supports other artists worldwide. Her art is available for purchase online and at several galleries.

In 2021 Maryanne was awarded the Collectors Vision Award, by Contemporary Curator Magazine, for completing a body of socially significant work.

Mark Chisholm graduated from the University of Arizona and worked as the music director for Safari Media Music. He has represented two dj’s in the past and has also promoted his own events. Mark started a nightclub in Phoenix named Freedom. He is the first American to ever hold an event in Ibiza which was a bi monthly event that flip flopped with MTV Europe. He then worked in the capacity of management trainee and management with various convenience stores and also has experience from managing his own store for Giant and Speedway in Tucson. Mark then became the site manager for the largest detox facility with CBI in Tucson. This facility has countless programs and grant programs affiliated with it for men, women and children. Mark recently started his own company NFTLuxLife where he decided to work with NFTKollabs as a marketer. His goal is to help NFTKollabs reach a greater audience.

Mark Chisholm
Marketing and Management
Social Media Team

Lokie is a NFT enthusiast who has previously worked in crypto projects as a professional moderator and social media handler. She refers to herself as a multifaceted thousandaire. Lokie has a great appeal to the public which makes her an irreplaceable member of this family. She has worked for Google and automotive dealerships in the past.

Addy is a natural curator of art, fashion, & tech. With the ability to transcend cultures whilst serving as conduit in bringing others closer together. Leveraging social media for brand awareness & image each step of the way. Co-Hosting the weekly NFT Twitter space “The Safe Space” to support artist & creators alike. Possessing a strong affinity of putting positive “(inner)gy” at the forefront.

Social Media Team

Steadylearner is a full stack developer with experience in frontend, backend, and blockchain development. He has worked for various blockchains including Bitcoin, ETH, BSC, Harmony, NEAR and Solana. Steadylearner has deployed various smart contracts and DeFi, NFT projects successfully. He sets importance on testing and the details first, so a client can be sure what happens in all parts involved in the blockchain development.

Fullstack Developer
Frontend Website Developer

Spidey is a frontend website developer who has worked in 40+ crypto projects in various blockchains. He has developed websites for NFT, P2E, DAO and meme coin projects in the past year. He has a Bachelors degree in Control Systems and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. Spidey believes that creativity is the most important factor in developing websites rather than ones knowledge in programming languages and that web development is also a form of art.

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